Newest Netflix Original Law Drama Already Dominates Global Chart

Newest Netflix Original Law Drama Already Dominates Global Chart
Image credit: Netflix

Ready for some criminal drama?


  • Mea Culpa is a new Netflix Original movie released on February 23.
  • It’s a legal thriller created by Tyler Perry featuring Kelly Rowland.
  • The film is a must watch for the loyal fans of the director.

All the major streaming platforms have already earned their reputation of being excellent producers when it comes to their original movies and shows. They put a lot of time and effort in creating their projects and that’s why we end up receiving quality content.

One of the major platforms today is Netflix and it is also well-known for its own production, so the subscribers know that every month they are getting something new.

February was big on premieres, and the recently released movie, Mea Culpa, that premiered only on February 23, already made it to the highest position at the global chart on Netflix. It seems like the fans of Tyler Perry’s work were secretly anticipating something new from him and finally got it.

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Those who are familiar with the director know what kind of movies he creates, and Mea Culpa turns out to be exactly what everyone expected from him, but with a twist.

The movie focuses on a dark love story between a defense attorney Mea Harper and her client, a supposedly guilty artist named Zyair Malloy, who is accused of murdering his girlfriend. However, his case is very problematic, and the true answer doesn't seem to be the one that's obvious.

As the story unfolds, though, it becomes clear that everyone is guilty of something if you look closely enough. For example, we learn that Mea is actually a married woman, but her husband seems to be unfaithful to her.

That's one of the reasons why she falls hard for her client's seductive ways, while still trying to understand whether he's innocent or a cold-blooded murderer.

We will not give you any major spoilers, but be prepared for many twists and unexpected turns. However, we're not sure you'll like them all. Kelly Rowland's performance as Mea was well received by many fans, although some still found it less than perfect.

“In my opinion this was a good movie. I thought Kelly was believable, and Rhodes was great. The plot was good as well. Important to understand that most people just want to talk bad about something, but never good. However, this was a good movie and worth a second watch,” Redditor ItchyPresentation864 said.

Mea Culpa is available on Netflix, so it's the right time to binge it right now.