Newest Yellowstone Update Suggests Worst-Case Scenario For Beth and Rip's Story 

Newest Yellowstone Update Suggests Worst-Case Scenario For Beth and Rip's Story 
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What else did the Yellowstone universe have in store for fans?


  • Fans may possibly lose the only Yellowstone couple they have been rooting for.
  • Beth will most likely let her demons take over and lose Rip.
  • Kelly Reilly said that she and Cole Hauser have real chemistry on the set.

Taylor Sheridan probably never imagined that the fictional Yellowstone world he created would end up being so big. Or maybe he did; we'll never know the secret. But one thing we do know is that the show's universe and characters grabbed viewers' attention from the very first episode and never let go.

Since Yellowstone is an ensemble cast series, all the characters in the universe are important, and each of them is unique and full of their own personality traits. What we do know about one of the show's most popular characters, Beth Dutton, is that she is full of every dark trait imaginable.

And it's easy to understand: she's been through so much torture in her life, living in a never-ending drama, so the love of fighting and causing disasters comes naturally. However, there’s one important storyline connected to Beth that makes fans still root for her. Of course it’s the romance between her and Rip Wheeler.

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For several seasons the writers were torturing the audience with their will-they-won’t-they relationship, putting them both through unimaginable pain and even making Beth go through with abortion. But love wins, so finally at the end of the season 4 they got married during a modest ceremony and it seems like things are going to be normal for some time.

However, as the fans are still waiting for the second part of season 5 to be released, in one of her recents interviews with Insider Beth actress Kelly Reilly hinted that she is not sure there will be happily ever after for her character and Rip. Reilly said that Beth is still haunted with her past and she can’t let go of it. Which can lead to her losing Rip after all.

The actress said Beth lives in constant fear of losing the love of her life, and the situation with her abortion is hanging like a dark demon above her.

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Needless to say, seeing the couple ending up not together will also break the hearts of fans. There has been so much adoration for them in the fandom that probably no other TV couple has received in recent years.

The fans are crazy about their couple because they see the love and admiration Rip has for Beth and they just know that's the way to be with the woman you love. He never cares about her past and all the really crazy stuff she has done and is still doing.

“Rip accepts Beth exactly as she is and that is too rare of a thing these days. Unconditional Love doesn't mean you excuse someone else's flaws and shortcomings. It means you accept them as they are and help them become better versions of themselves. And it's a two way street because Beth loves Rip exactly as he is too. I just adore them,” Redditor libbyang98 said.

Well, it seems like the fans are already worried that they would lose their beloved couple at the end of the series, but we’ll have to wait for a year to find out. Yellowstone season 5 part 2 will be released in November 2024.