No Matter How Much You Loved Kurt and Blaine, They Shouldn't Have Been Glee's Endgame

No Matter How Much You Loved Kurt and Blaine, They Shouldn't Have Been Glee's Endgame
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The teenage dream that should've stayed in high school.

If you were around on the internet when Glee aired weekly on Fox, there is no chance you were not surrounded by Gleeks on every social media.

Ranging anywhere from middle schoolers to young adults in their 20s, Glee fans have always been extremely supportive, emotional, and opinionated about the show. Especially when it came to their favorite couples.

To be fair, there's no wonder at all the couples were so significant to the audience at the time: Glee was one of the first shows to give LGTQ+ youth the open representation they deserved.

It wasn't handled properly at all times, and the series received quite a lot of backlash in the years following, but there were characters viewers could relate to, as well as characters they wish they had by their side.

Blaine Anderson was introduced to the show in season 2 to become a supporting and understanding friend of Kurt, who's been relentlessly bullied in his own school for his sexuality.

Thanks to the charisma Darren Criss has to bring to the character, and the way they instantly kicked it off with Chris Colfer with on-screen chemistry, the storyline was changed the way Kurt and Blaine became a thing on a show.

Many fans argue that the best part of their romance lasted while they both were in high school.

Of course, there are no teenage relations without a dramatic moment here and there, but since Kurt graduated in season 4, things started to slowly go downhill.

Cheating, manipulation, some may even argue Blaine pressured Kurt into the engagement in season 5. Either way, the relationship between the two of them grew very unhealthy very fast.

"They were a pretty realistic portrayal of a high school relationship but they shouldn't have been endgame," Redditor snowbunnyslayer said, and many other Glee fans seem to agree with them.

Although continuing to go through life hardships with your highschool sweetheart is a very romantic concept, it's very rare for this to happen in real life.

As many viewers think, Glee writers may have been just too focused on keeping every popular couple together, without thinking of the real consequences of it.

Glee has been on air for 6 seasons, from 2009 to 2015. It is available for streaming on Hulu or Disney Plus.