Noah Schnapp & Doja Cat Beef Over Joseph Quinn Explained

Noah Schnapp & Doja Cat Beef Over Joseph Quinn Explained
Image credit: Legion-Media

Things between the rapper and the teenage actor are getting stranger.

Since Thursday, the Internet has been discussing its biggest celebrity drama: Noah Schnapp ( Will Byers on 'Stranger Things ') appeared to have leaked his DMs with Doja Cat, where the latter is asking him to set her up with Joseph Quinn, another 'Stranger Things' cast member who played Eddie.

Schnapp shared the "thirsting" messages from Doja on his TikTok account for roughly 26 million of his followers to check out. According to the screenshot he made, Doja was looking for Quinn's Instagram on Twitter to slide into his DMs, and Noah generously helped her with that, adding "Right here ma'am".

This exchange had Twitter losing its mind, with the names of Doja, Noah and Joseph skyrocketing to trends and everyone gossiping about the potential love story between the rapper and the Eddie Munson actor.

However, there was a little problem. As it turned out later, Doja has never consented for Noah to make the messages public. During her recent live, the rapper did not restrain herself in strong words.

"That's like borderline snake s**t. He shared information that I didn't feel comfortable with him sharing… It feels like a weird power play. I already said some s**t to him," Doja said.

She went on to acknowledge that Noah is just a teenager, and his actions might not "encapsulate his entire personality". Still, she certainly did not sound very pleased, and many people even thought she was too tough on Noah.

Just wow. This twist was exactly something this story needed to hit the trends once again – which immediately got many people thinking that Doja's "beef" with Noah is nothing but a publicity stunt.

Even if the drama is real, many people are not ready to side with Doja, because… that search bar was "right here, ma'am".

The only one to remain mum in this drama is Joseph Quinn himself. The actor is relatively new to social media, only launching his Instagram before the Volume 1 premiere. He has not commented on the situation.

Noah has also provided no updates. But his TikTok currently has no content on display… so it seems that this drama is far from being over.