Nobody Asked for These 10 Unnecessary Sequels (And Yet They Ended Up Great)

Nobody Asked for These 10 Unnecessary Sequels (And Yet They Ended Up Great)
Image credit: Legion-Media

Modern Hollywood's obsession with endless sequels is well documented, as fans have been complaining about the lack of originality in today's blockbuster movies for the past two decades or so, but no one really talks about the good this practice has done for popular films.

Sometimes all you need is to see your favorite characters return just one more time, and the 10 movies listed below managed to perfectly expand on the original films, rightfully earning the title of perfect sequels.

There is only one viable reason to make a sequel - if the director really tries to make the second part of the story better than the first. Of course, not every movie on this list managed to outdo the original, but they all certainly tried!

However, at least one of the sequels mentioned above was objectively better than its predecessor. We are talking about "John Wick: Chapter 2", of course. The first part of this Keanu Reeves starrer was a solid action B-movie, but nothing to write home about. It was the second part that actually launched a billion-dollar franchise, thanks to its inventiveness.

All good sequels should follow the example of these 10 great second installments, as it's the only way to make Hollywood's obsession with milking franchises at least somewhat tolerable.