Nostalgia Alert: The 10 Most Epic 90s Summer Movies, Ranked

Nostalgia Alert: The 10 Most Epic 90s Summer Movies, Ranked
Image credit: globallookpress

Summers were made for the blockbusters: the seasonal divide in the genres of the releasing movies is completely understandable.

In the summer you want something that is as high-octane as the scorching Sun (even though the physics would deem that comparison unscientific), and the 90s were filled with movies like that. So here's a list of 10 summer action movies from that era.

Okay, for the 90s kids this whole list is one huge nostalgia trip and maybe a perfect playlist for the next weekend should you succumb to that reminiscing mood.

Some of us may have seen these titles in the cinema, most of us caught the reruns on TV.

But trust us, witnessing young Keanu Reeves and Brandon Fraser and already wild-looking (but for a reason) Nicolas Cage on a modern TV, with your life experience and expanded cinema knowledge, is something one should probably do in their life at least once.

These movies make your adrenaline pumping through your system, make you appreciate the actors that had a career that long, and make your evening enjoyable. They simply bring you that childish joy — and that's exactly what they were created for. These action movies make you squeal.