Old Brendan Fraser Romcom That Aged Like Fine Wine

Old Brendan Fraser Romcom That Aged Like Fine Wine
Image credit: Legion-Media

Brendan Fraser has risen like a phoenix after his heart-wrenching performance in The Whale, sparking a whole "brenaissance" movement.

The actor can't get enough support from his fans, and his long absence from the spotlight seems to have gone unnoticed by fans.

He came back to the game like he never left, breaking many hearts in The Whale, and stole the spotlight again.

But despite his new works being so compelling, there is one particular Fraser-led film that people will cherish no matter how old it is.

Although the actor made his name as an action movie star, he also starred in dozens of less acclaimed films, some of which are just as watchable today as they were when they first premiered more than 20 years ago.

The 1999 romcom Blast From the Past seems to have really stood the test of time. The Internet is still all over Fraser's character Adam Webber, a thirty-something man who grew up with his parents in an underground bunker.

The plot of the movie is his return to the "upstairs" world with all its tricks and problems — the hilarious journey of a man who finds love while still discovering himself.

Despite being 24 years old, Blast From The Past still enjoys credibility today, as fans think it still works in modern times.

"The funniest thing about the film in my opinion, is that it's become an unintentional period piece. When they made the movie, they were trying to show how different the 60's were to "present day", with the culture shock being most of the plot.

But watching it today, the "present day" scenes are so painfully 90's (early internet, geo metro, etc) that they actually do to the 90's what they were trying to do with the 60's, making the perfect time capsule," Reddit user U-235 noticed.

Fans insist that Brendan is a "real treasure" in this movie.

So it doesn't mean that Blast From the Past is just a late-90s romcom without any awards, because it left its fans with a real blast from the past that they can still enjoy today.