One Breaking Bad Scene That Hit Bryan Cranston The Hardest

One Breaking Bad Scene That Hit Bryan Cranston The Hardest
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The most challenging scene for Bryan Cranston is also a turning point in the series.

Breaking Bad is filled with intense and emotionally charged moments. However, there's one scene that stands out for Bryan Cranston, the brilliant actor who portrayed Walter White, the main character of the show. This scene was so emotionally taxing for Cranston that it left a lasting impact on him.

The scene we're talking about is from season 2. In an episode titled Phoenix, Walter White finds his partner-in-crime, Jesse Pinkman, and his girlfriend Jane Margolis, both unconscious due to heroin overdose.

Walter has the opportunity to save Jane but chooses not to, letting her choke to death on her own vomit. This scene is a pivotal moment in the series, marking a significant turning point for Walter's character.

During his appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show, Cranston revealed what made this scene particularly challenging for him. It was an unexpected emotional experience he had while filming. During the scene, Cranston saw the face of his real daughter replace that of Jane, making him feel as if he was watching his own daughter die.

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Interestingly, the original script had Walter actively pushing Jane onto her back, essentially causing her death. However, this was changed as it was believed that it would turn the audience against Walter too soon.

Despite the change, the emotional weight of the scene remained, affecting not just Cranston but also Krysten Ritter, who portrayed Jane.

During the Inside Of You podcast, Ritter said she was shocked when she saw the final result of the scene where her character dies after an overdose.

This scene is very important in the series because it shows how far Walter will actually push himself to protect his own interests. It's not just any crime; it's a big moral line he crosses. Jane’ death sticks with us and keeps coming up in the series.

And on top of that, her death sets off a whole chain of events that eventually ends up causing a bunch of people to die in a plane crash. If we start counting all the deaths that indirectly happened because of him, Walter White takes the prize for having the highest kill count.

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