One Character Whovians Crave To See Again (But It Won't Happen)

One Character Whovians Crave To See Again (But It Won't Happen)
Image credit: BBC

Not in the circumstances fans would hope for, at least.

With so many comebacks that Doctor Who seems to be promising its fanbase for an upcoming series 14, it's only fair that fans are hoping for more.

The new Doctor Who, backed internationally by Disney, now promises to bring back the Doctor's best years.

Led by Russell T Davies and portrayed by Ncuti Gatwa, the Fifteenth Doctor will be everything fans loved about the early '10s series and more.

Not only was Russell T Davies' comeback a big deal in itself, but he also brought back the series' most beloved composer, Murray Gold, and arguably the most beloved Doctor himself, David Tennant.

Although Tennant will only be appearing as the fourteenth incarnation for a few 60th anniversary specials, fans are already excited and thinking of other characters they'd like to see return.

In addition to other fan-favorite Doctors, Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi, many are hoping that the specials could include some of the past companions.

However, there are two characters who will always hold a special place in the hearts of the audience: River Song and Jenny, the Doctor's daughter.

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Considering that Jenny was portrayed by Georgia Moffett, who has now adopted her husband's surname and goes by Georgia Tennant, this could be a fun but tricky family reunion on screen.

As fun as it has been to see two actors play father and daughter, and as unconventional as The Doctor's family is, it would be a little odd to see a married couple in such a dynamic.

There is no need to get upset just yet: as little as we know about Jenny, there is certainly a possibility that she will return, either with a different face or later on in a series with Fifteen.

And even if she doesn't, only the Time Lord himself knows how many more of his relatives might unexpectedly pop up somewhere in the universe for him to meet!

The 60th Anniversary Specials featuring David Tennant as the Fourteenth Doctor will premiere in November 2023.

Stay tuned for the official release date and more news about the upcoming episodes!