One Golden Trio Member Could Fit Perfectly in Slytherin, And It's Not Harry Potter

One Golden Trio Member Could Fit Perfectly in Slytherin, And It's Not Harry Potter
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If you think about it, all boxes are checked out.

We bet you never thought of Hermione Granger in that way, but isn't this girl a perfect Slytherin student?

At first sight, this is an immediate no. Slytherin is widely considered to be the faculty of villains, even though many fans have been trying to battle the stereotype, and Hermione is perhaps the last person one would attribute to be a part of this house. However, Hogwarts' brightest witch does possess all the qualities that Salazar Slytherin would appreciate in his students if you go over the full list — except for being a "pure blood", of course.

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Still, Hermione is smart enough to outdo any Slytherin student. Besides, she is determined — when needed, she is okay with going to extremes and even breaking the rules even though abiding to them is almost a basic need for her.

Ambition? Hermione literally became the Minister of Magic, which is arguably the most ambitious goal possible in the Wizarding World, especially for a muggle-born.

When it comes to resourcefulness, Hermione is able to make quick and good decisions. In Deathly Hallows, when the trio had to escape Gringotts, it was Hermione who suggested a wild plan to use the dragon for it. In the same chapter, when Ron had his arm almost torn apart after an unfortunate apparition, it was Hermione who knew what to do — not least due to her always having her bag with useful stuff around.

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After all, both Harry and Ron admitted that they would not have gone too far in their horcrux hunt without Hermione and her skills and decisions. That does make her a good leader — a quality also necessary for a picture perfect Slytherin.

Naturally, the snake house's issue with muggle-born people would be a stumbling rock for Hermione to join the faculty. Well, you know what? Their loss.