One Mandalorian Season 3 Theory Absolutely Needs to Come True

One Mandalorian Season 3 Theory Absolutely Needs to Come True
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The Mandalorian is returning for its third season in February 2023, as was confirmed at Star Wars Celebration 2022 during the Lucasfilm Studio Showcase. And, naturally, the fanbase is revving up their theorizing.

Well, some of their theories are barely theories.

For example, it is basically a given that Disney will continue the observable policy of interconnecting its Star Wars shows, so it is very likely that Boba Fett and Ahsoka Tano will make guest appearances in Season 3 of The Mandalorian.

Likewise, it is almost a given that Mando will be further established as the future ruler of the Mandalorians.

And since his first step toward that goal was the acquisition of an artifact associated with that position (the Darksaber), his likely second step is the acquisition of another artifact of the sort mentioned in Disney lore: the lost Mask of Mandalore.

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The Sacred Mines of Mandalore are also likely to be important to the plot at some point – why mention them at all if the characters aren't going to visit them?

Other speculations are much less plausible.

For example, some fans believe that while Luke and Mando parted on civil terms, with Luke giving Grogu the chance to choose between him and Mando, Luke will eventually realize that Grogu is too powerful to not continue his Jedi training and will try to get Grogu back from Mando, leading to a conflict with him that could also involve Ahsoka.

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Not impossible, yes, but contradicting and reversing earlier developments.

But if there's one outrageous theory that should absolutely come true in Season 3 (even if it probably won't), it's the idea that Grogu should end up wielding the Dark Saber.

It's possible that he picks up the legendary weapon to protect or rescue an injured Mando, demonstrating both his growth and potential as a Jedi. Or Grogu may inherit the blade from his guardian by somehow proving himself worthy of wielding the weapon.

Of course, that would make Grogu a contender for the Mandalore... but, well, we called that theory "outrageous" for a reason.

And while unlikely, this development is a fun twist that could take the plot in an unexpected direction.