One of the Best Animated Series on Netflix Lasted Only 10 Episodes

One of the Best Animated Series on Netflix Lasted Only 10 Episodes
Image credit: Netflix

This new animated Netflix miniseries is now considered one of the best.

Netflix is well-known for its selection of original adult animated comedies, with popular shows such as Big Mouth and Bojack Horseman commonly referred to as some of the best the platform has to offer.

However, you may be less familiar with the streaming services latest series in the genre, Carol & the End of the World. Although still quite obscure, this apocalyptic comedy drama already has a 100% Tomatometer score on Rotten Tomatoes, and it's only ten episodes long.

What is the miniseries about?

Despite that the show is clearly a comedy with plenty of absurd slapstick throughout, Carol & the End of the World is a show bleakly centred around the end of times, and one ordinary woman's last days on Earth.

The series' official synopsis describes it as the story of one quiet and awkward woman named Carol who stands alone among the backdrop of the liberated hedonistic masses as the planet's extinction quickly approaches. Clearly it is quite unique as an animated series which displays a clever mixture of black comedy and gallows humor without seeming overly depressing.

What viewers love about it

Even though the series was only released last month there has already been much support from new fans. One audience reviewer cited the series as 'a really bold, sometimes melancholy comedy that never forgets to be funny.' Of course, as well as earning favorable reviews from many Netflix subscribers, the show has also received some immensely popular reception from critics alike.

The Collider labelled it simply as 'sublime', as well as Mashable referring to the animated series as a 'TV gem'. One of its best reviews was from the Financial Times, who said 'It's the small, often unspoken moments of detail that make this wonderful cartoon feel far more three-dimensional than many live-action shows.' Clearly what fans love most about the show is its brilliant blend of dark and light comedy that tackles some sombre topics while still remaining enjoyable.

The names behind the series

The mind behind this brilliantly written comedy is American television writer and producer, Dan Guterman. Although his name may not be immediately familiar, he has worked on a number of well-known successful series; including The Colbert Report, Community, and Rick and Morty. Considering its creator has come from shows with such unique influence, it's clear why Carol & the End of the World has such a distinctive identity of its own.

The comedy also boasts a talented cast. Its main cast includes Martha Kelly (Baskets, Euphoria ), Beth Grant (Donnie Darko, No Country for Old Men, Speed), Lawrence Pressman (9 to 5, American Pie, Shaft), Kimberly Hébert Gregory (Vice Principals), Mel Rodriguez (Getting On, The Last Man on Earth), Bridget Everett (Patti Cake$, Little Evil, Somebody Somewhere), Michael Chernus (Orange Is The New Black), Sean Giambrone (The Goldbergs, Kim Possible), and Laurie Metcalf (Roseanne, 3rd Rock From The Sun, The Big Bang Theory ). With such a varied and talented cast, it's no wonder the voice acting for the show has been highly praised.

Undoubtedly the brief but brilliant Carol & the End of the World stands out as Netflixs' latest hidden gem. Crafted by a seasoned writer-producer, and with a talented voice cast, the show's distinctive identity makes it stand out as one of the best animated series of 2023. If you have yet to see this original miniseries for yourself, Carol & the End of the World is simply a comedic masterpiece you cannot afford to miss.

Source: Rotten Tomatoes.