One Scene From CW's The Flash Had The Trashiest CGI You Can Imagine

One Scene From CW's The Flash Had The Trashiest CGI You Can Imagine
Image credit: The CW

Why did The Flash series drop in quality so much?

We've all seen some questionable CGI moments in TV shows, and CW's The Flash is no exception. While the Arrowverse has had its fair share of CGI mishaps, The Flash has some moments that make you go, "No way."

However, there is one scene in season 7 that stands out the most. We are talking about the Flash & Fuerza’s fight against Psych in the middle of the season.

Barry, our beloved Flash, is suspended in mid-air by Psych. But instead of looking like a menacing villain, Psych’s powers resemble… cheap and weird tentacle magic. It's a moment that makes you wonder if the CGI team was on vacation that week.

Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, enter Fuerza, a character that's supposed to be a powerful ally of the Flash, but ends up looking like a poorly sketched version of She-Hulk ( yes, even worse than the actual Disney Plus’ She-Hulk).

It's hard to believe that this is the best CGI the show could come up with. The show demonstrated a constant decline in its quality. While some argue that the show lost its spark after season two, others believe that the magic was still there, just not as bright.

However, season seven was the most lackluster season at that moment. And not just "meh" lackluster, but "I-can't-even-watch-this" lackluster. The scenes felt dragged out, and the episodes were skim-worthy. And bad CGI was on top of that.

Another scene from season 7 involving the forces in the Speed Force also gained notoriety for its poor CGI. While there were moments of great effects, there were times when the CGI was downright horrible.

The constraints of time and budget might have affected the quality of the CGI. The CW shows are known for their tight schedules, and VFX artists might not have had the luxury of time to perfect every scene.

Ironically, the recently released Flash movie also stirred controversy due to its unsatisfactory CGI. The director of The Flash Andy Muschietti even tried to defend the film by stating that the weird CGI was intended. Maybe bad CGI was also intended in CW’s TV show?

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