One Simple Meme Will Completely Ruin Gandalf for Any LotR Fan

One Simple Meme Will Completely Ruin Gandalf for Any LotR Fan
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The LotR's popularity has influenced many theories, memes, and even its own fan-made fiction since the release of the movie trilogy.

However, one comment alone, meant probably as a joke, may have unintentionally revealed the truth about Gandalf and Frodo. And fans have only just realised how damaged their relationship really was.

The British screenwriter and cartoonist Andy Riley recently took to Twitter to give his sudden revelation on the LotR. Announcing his commentary about his tongue-in-cheek theory, he tweeted:

"It's taken me ages to realise, but if Frodo had led a chicken along on a bit of string, and made the chicken carry the ring all the way, no risk of Frodo turning evil. Sure the chicken might turn nasty but realistically how much damage to middle earth can one evil chicken cause".

Clearly, Riley's comments were not meant to be taken literally involving chickens. However, fans did identify a degree of truth to what he had said. As one Redditor commented in response to the tweet, Gandalf's plan was not too dissimilar in reality.

If you replace 'Frodo' with 'Gandalf', and 'chicken' with 'hobbit' in the statement, that is very likely what the grey wizard intended all along. Another fan expanded on this opinion more, explaining how Gandalf was afraid of himself or anyone (especially of power or influence) being corrupted by the ring. By handing the task to Frodo, it ultimately did not matter if the ring eventually corrupted him. As it was still in safer hands than it was with anyone else. After all, the ring had stayed with Gollum for centuries.

Naturally, the idea of Gandalf being less than genuine towards any character, especially Frodo, was met with much disbelief. Yet the logic of the theory was fairly sound. Many Redditors responded with comments of surprise, also realising the truth about Frodo and the ring for the first time. For some fans, this was an entirely new and much darker perspective of the much-loved Gandalf.

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According to the Redditors, the theory had ruined the character for them. Another commenter expressed even greater dismay by asking, 'did you just destroy my childhood'.

Of course, not all fans took the theory quite as seriously.

Some seemed not particularly surprised by the opinion. One Redditor claimed to have loved the evil aspect of the Gandalf chicken theory. While others imagined a discussion between Frodo and Gandalf in a Rick and Morty style sketch, in which Frodo realises he was the decoy all along.

Finally, it was pointed out how the wise mentor protagonists of other franchises can also be manipulative. Comparing Gandalf's deception of Frodo to Obi-Wan and Luke in Star Wars, or Dumbledore and Harry in the Potter series. Although maybe it is best no one spoils any more beloved characters for fans anytime soon.