One Thing Millie Bobby Brown Couldn't Stand On Stranger Things Set (And It Didn't Get Better)

One Thing Millie Bobby Brown Couldn't Stand On Stranger Things Set (And It Didn't Get Better)
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Sorry, Finn Wolfhard, you've been exposed.

Filming a movie or TV show is tricky when the plot involves children.

Not only is it difficult to schedule the filming in a way that complies with the law, but it's also difficult to protect young minds and bodies from being exposed to things they're simply too young for.

Unfortunately, the industry has a long way to go in this area, as every time a popular movie or TV show with children is released, the premiere is followed by a series of rather disturbing behind-the-scenes updates.

Not all directors are equally committed to protecting child actors, so they're often left traumatized.

Luckily, that wasn't the case for Millie Bobby Brown, who had to reenact a kiss with her on-screen partner Finn Wolfhard and didn't enjoy the experience at all.

In fact, the actress despised the feeling so much that she exclaimed, "Kissing sucks!" right after they finished filming. The worst part about kissing her co-star is that nothing seems to have changed.

During an interview for Vanity Fair, which included a polygraph, the actress admitted that not only was it pretty bad the first time, it never got better.

Now that she's grown up and had a much better experience, she's not afraid to say that Wolfhard was just a lousy kisser. Although he probably didn't find out in the nicest way, the actress was very diplomatic in her answer.

When asked if he'd gotten better, she paused and then answered truthfully: "Not with me, no," nodding to both of the actors' respective significant others.

The next season of Stranger Things would be the final chapter of the much-loved story. Although it was rumored to start filming in June 2023, there is no official news on a release date.

Keep an eye out for more updates and stream all 4 previous seasons on Netflix!

Source: Vanity Fair