One Time Jared Leto Was Punched In The Face By A Co-Star (It Wasn't Planned)

One Time Jared Leto Was Punched In The Face By A Co-Star (It Wasn't Planned)
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At least he didn't break the first rule.

While Jared Leto 's private life and rumors about his personality have been floating around the Internet, making him a point of many controversies, his acting skills have always remained untouched. You couldn't care less about the man, but you have to admit: he's good at what he does.

Not afraid to go to extremes, Leto has also shocked the public several times with his immersion methods. As one of the actors who uses the Method acting tricks to get into his characters, Jared Leto has been reported to do some pretty impressive things, like walking around with a cane on the set of Morbius, as well as some equally disturbing things, like sending rats to his co-stars.

As it turns out, it's not always Leto who terrorizes the cast and crew with his inventive methods of work. He, too, can become the victim of another actor who goes a little too far to get a realistic scene. His Fight Club co-star Ed Norton proved this in the most violent way.

While doing an Ask Me Anything session on Reddit, the actor stated that he had to suffer a slight physical injury on set, as two actions got to the filming of the fighting scene:

"Ed Norton swung a little too wide and knocked me in the chin. Didn't really phase me though," he recalled.

Unfortunately, Jared Leto didn't go into too much detail about the incident. It's safe to assume that Ed Norton just got carried away with the stunt and couldn't stop his fist in time before it hit Leto's chin.

The good news is that not only did it not cause any bad blood between the two co-stars, it helped create one of the most iconic fight scenes ever.

No superhero movie Leto has starred in since 1999 has been able to match the thrill of Fight Club's action. In the end, one punch doesn't seem like too high a price to pay for creating a cinematic masterpiece.

If you want to spend a movie night re-watching David Fincher's classic Fight Club, you can stream the movie on MAX, Disney Plus, or Amazon Prime Video.

Source: Reddit