One Valuable Advice Masters Of The Air Cast Got From Tom Hanks

One Valuable Advice Masters Of The Air Cast Got From Tom Hanks
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The guru has spoken.


  • Masters of the Air is an Apple TV Plus show that focuses on a heavy bomber unit in the Air Force during World War II.
  • Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg, known for their war hit series Band of Brothers and The Pacific, are credited as the executive producers.
  • According to another EP Gary Goetzman, Tom Hanks has given the cast one motivating piece of advice.

While many fans of the war TV genre as well as history enthusiasts were worried that Masters of the Air might not live up to their expectations, either due to some casting decisions or the switch from HBO to Apple TV Plus, the show has managed to surprise everyone.

So far, 2 episodes in, the audience is already completely taken by the plot and the quality of the production.

The latter is due not only to the crew of people working behind the camera to create the best possible scripts, sets, costumes and props for the actors to work with, but also to the valuable input of the producing duo known for their success in the genre. Both Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg have returned to create another masterpiece.

Although the cast of the show is packed with critically acclaimed professionals such as Austin Butler, Callum Turner, Barry Keoghan and Anthony Boyle, they too could only benefit from the shared wisdom.

Tom Hanks In Masters of the Air

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Although Tom Hanks' role in the production of the show was limited to executive producer, his acting experience came in handy. According to Gary Goetzman, both Hanks and Spielberg were very helpful as team players and gave their input.

“They just want everybody at the top of their game, just like they are. They care about anything that can be helpful. As Tom would always say to any actor, “Hit your marks and know your lines.” You know, get out there and march,” he recalled.

Perhaps this is the only way to create a show like Masters of the Air and tell the stories of brave and loyal people in the aftermath of the darkest historical events. To do justice not only to the author of the original book, Donald L. Miller, but also to all the real people affected by World War II, the actors have to give their all.

Fortunately, the cast of Masters of the Air has no problem with that, delivering the most brutally honest and heartfelt performances scene after scene.

Whether Masters of the Air will be on the same level as its predecessors Band of Brothers and The Pacific, we will have to wait and see.

The miniseries consists of 8 episodes, which will be released on Apple TV Plus over the next few Fridays. Be sure to tune in to catch all the new episodes, and keep an eye out for more behind-the-scenes updates.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter