Only 1 Unlikely DC Superhero Remains Immune to 'Superhero Fatigue'

Only 1 Unlikely DC Superhero Remains Immune to 'Superhero Fatigue'
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It seems that a lot of fans are getting tired of superheroes. But not of this one.


  • 'Superhero fatigue' is a term referring to the lack of interest in all things superhero
  • The reason for this is that superheroes often seem out of touch with reality, with their lives often lacking in struggles.
  • However, one DC character manages to still hold people's interest

The very phenomenon of “superhero fatigue” is surprising given the enormous success of Marvel and DC franchises in the past. But the reason for this is that superheroes seem out of touch with reality — let alone the enormous amounts of superhero content we have had to suffer through recently.

Apart from the obvious things like laser eyes or telekinesis, most of the superheroes are just too perfect. Their lives have nothing in common with the lives of ordinary humans. Most of them don't have to worry about paying bills; they don't struggle in their personal lives; they don't have to deal with layoffs, etc.

“People can't be pulled by 'things', emotions are elicited through people and drama. You make audiences fall in love with multiple characters and have them make decisions which are conflicting. There are traits that the Joker has that we can relate to, he's not obscured to the point of being two dimensional. Its certainly easier to know who to root for when it's simple. But simple is boring,” Redditor Whatdosheepdreamof says.

But one superhero, albeit being an obnoxious billionaire, is somehow still beloved by the audience — DC's Batman, of course.

Why Is Batman the Only One Immune to 'Superhero Fatigue'?

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Firstly, Batman’s universe is way darker than any other superhero’s franchise. It touches on heavy topics like loss of parents, mental illness, and struggling with self-worth. And it doesn’t just briefly mention those things. Take Todd Phillips' Joker, which dives deep into the motivations of the villains.

Secondly, the previously mentioned villains. Fans are as excited about villains as they are about Batman. The brilliant performances of the bad guys are the highlights of any Batman film.

And finally, it's the versatility of this superhero. You can make a Batman movie in almost any style, and it will work. A comedy? Batman: The Movie from 1996. A drama? The recent Batman, starring Robert Pattinson. Want a movie for the kids? The popular Lego Batman Movie from 2017 has you covered.

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So it's no surprise that decades later, Batman remains one of the most beloved characters not only in the DC Universe, but in superhero history.