Only 5 Shows on American TV Lasted Longer Than Grey’s Anatomy

Only 5 Shows on American TV Lasted Longer Than Grey’s Anatomy
Image credit: NBC, ABC

Meredith Grey’s world domination is closer than you think.

No matter how many people are shocked that Grey's Anatomy still has enough viewers to keep going, the longest-running medical drama on American television continues to prove that it's not going anywhere anytime soon.

In fact, backed by its official renewal for season 21, the show is entering a race to become the longest-running scripted primetime drama on American television. Here are 5 shows that Shonda Rhimes' universe needs to beat in longevity to secure its place at the top of the ratings and write its title into TV history forever.

NCIS ( 21 season)

Currently in its 21st season, NCIS is one of the biggest TV franchises of its time. Launched in 2003, just one year before Grey's Anatomy premiered, the show has already gone through 4 spinoffs and has 2 more on the way. NCIS: Origins will continue the series' legacy on CBS, while the untitled Tiva spinoff will secure its place on streaming.

Family Guy ( 22 seasons)

The animated sitcom about Peter Griffin's family struggles has become a classic over the years, relatable to many families and purely entertaining to everyone else. With a renewal already secured for season 23, the show is a strong contender that doesn't seem to be relinquishing its position for years to come.

Law & Order (23 seasons)

To say that Law & Order was a cultural phenomenon in the '90s, when the show first debuted on NBC, would have been an understatement. Still, the procedural remains one of the network's most popular, and one of the most recognizable, thanks to its signature "dun dun" sound.

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (25 seasons)

Released 9 years after the original Law & Order premiered, SVU has already successfully outlived it, thanks to the show's 25-year run without a hiatus. As long as Mariska Hargitay's Olivia Benson is alive and well, the spinoff will continue, and so far it is heading for its already greenlit 26th season.

The Simpsons ( 35 seasons)

Fox's animated series about the Simpson family leads the ratings with a seemingly unbeatable 35 seasons. Plus, the network has already renewed it for a 36th season. Chances are that Grey's Anatomy will never come close to that number. But if it does, it will definitely make history.