Oppenheimer to Win How Many Awards? Oscar Jury Member Spills the Beans

Oppenheimer to Win How Many Awards? Oscar Jury Member Spills the Beans
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Christopher Nolan will dominate the upcoming Academy Awards ceremony, it seems.


  • Christopher Nolan ’s Oppenheimer is one of the most prominent nominees at the upcoming Academy Awards.
  • According to an anonymous Oscar’s jury member, they will vote for Oppenheimer in five categories.
  • However, Oppenheimer should not win Best Picture in their eyes as they reserved this spot for The Zone of Interest.

In a recent confession, an anonymous Oscar’s jury member revealed their upcoming votes in each category and spoke about the best movies of 2023. According to them, Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer is about to hit it big — especially, if other jury members support the anonymous tipper’s decision. Here’s the current projection.

Oscar’s Jury Member Praised Oppenheimer

Christopher Nolan’s magnum opus became an obvious Academy Awards heavyweight the day it was released, with critics and viewers alike praising Oppenheimer’s direction, actors, and creative approach. The anonymous Oscar’s jury member who recently spoke to THR supported those claims with their own vote.

“Oppenheimer is a movie that advanced cinema — with the invention of a new film stock, the use of Imax cameras in close-up and dialogue scenes, and the marriage of image and sound. This is the sort of cinematic experience that you live for if you love movies; it makes me sad that one day I’m going to die, because I won’t get to see movies like this,” they shared.

While they didn’t choose Nolan’s masterpiece in the Best Picture category (it barely lost to Jonathan Glazer’s The Zone of Interest), the jury member still nominated Oppenheimer in not one, not two, but five categories: Best Director, Best Supporting Actor, Best Cinematography, Best Film Editing, and Best Original Score.

No Other Movie Raked as Many Nominations

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While the final results come from the combination of all the jury members’ votes, the anonymous songbird’s spread seemed pretty reasonable… To us, at least. In their personal ranking, no other movies came close to Oppenheimer in terms of the number of nominations, though one other movie also had significant sympathy.

Glazer’s The Zone of Interest became the anonymous jury member’s personal choice not only in the Best Picture category, but also in Best International Feature and Best Sound, raking the movie three votes from them. We’re yet to see whether the rest of the jury agrees with these ratings, though; quite often, the Oscar’s jury members have distinctly opposing views.

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So we’re still left wondering just how many Academy Awards will Christopher Nolan bring home thanks to Oppenheimer.

How many awards will Oppenheimer win this year?

Source: THR