Out of All Brutal Breaking Bad Scenes, This One Is Still the Most Disturbing

Out of All Brutal Breaking Bad Scenes, This One Is Still the Most Disturbing
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Breaking Bad remains one of the most important and influential shows to emerge over the past several decades. The iconic TV series features so many powerful and tense moments that breaking down a list of the most famous scenes is quite a chore.

Be that as it may, when Redditors were recently asked to determine which scene from Breaking Bad they find most disturbing, the consensus was actually pretty straightforward, it's an early episode in season two.

The episode, titled "Peekaboo," puts Walter White (Bryan Cranston ) and Jesse (Aaron Paul) in a delicate situation. The odd couple hasn't been working together all that long when it's discovered that Jesse's friend, Skinny Pete, got ripped off in a drug deal that went wrong. Consequently, when it's time for payback, Walt orders Jesse to recover the stolen money.

The journey leads Jesse to a meth house. However, what he finds inside still creeps out fans more than anything else that has ever occurred on Breaking Bad.

Sure, it may not be the most violent or deranged event that's happened, but most viewers agree that when Pinkman stumbles into a dirty, neglected boy – it's arguably the most disturbing.

The interaction Jesse has with the child is both intimate and heartbreaking. In one regard, Pinkman wants to rescue the youngster from obvious child abuse but is unable to do so personally. For many Redditors, this event triggers emotions that fall too close to home. In fact, while many admit that they were not personally raised by a mother or father addicted to hard drugs, like meth, they reveal friends and family members have been in a similar situation. For this reason, they find the Breaking Bad scene more disturbing than any other over the course of five seasons.

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It's true, while there are many other scenes on Breaking Bad that one could classify as more brutal, witnessing a child in such a disadvantageous and hopeless situation is hard to watch. And, while it's revealed that the child may eventually find a better home at the end of the episode, it continues to leave a somber impression on audiences.

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The scene from "Peekaboo" remains the most brutal to watch for fans, yet there were other moments from the legendary show to get recognition.

The Reddit discussion also managed to mention a scene that takes place much later in the series (S5, E5 "Dead Freight"). During the episode, Walt and Jesse attempt to pull off a train heist with the assistance of Todd (Jesse Plemons).

Later in season five, it becomes apparent that Todd is a genuine psychopath, which, according to Redditors, becomes more obvious during moments like the one captured in "Dead Freight". Thus, when the group is spotted by a child on a dirt bike, they are left with precious few options. Todd's ultimate decision to kill the kid ranks among the most brutal moments ever witnessed on Breaking Bad.