Out of All Teen Wolf Movie Plot Twists, This One Feels Like a Betrayal

Out of All Teen Wolf Movie Plot Twists, This One Feels Like a Betrayal
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The pack is back... to betray the entire Teen Wolf fandom.

Warning: The following article contains spoilers for Teen Wolf: The Movie.

Teen Wolf: The Movie has certainly caused quite a stir in the fandom, as those who have already seen the movie have gone online to vent their feelings about the many twists and turns that the Beacon Hills saga has taken.

We're not going to lie, there were many, but one particular twist had fans going absolutely ballistic because it felt like a real betrayal. It's about how Eli, Derek's son, was given the jeep that belonged to Stiles Stilinski for no particular reason.

Already angry that Stiles isn't even a part of the movie (and everyone pretends he doesn't exist), fans can't wrap their heads around the fact that the iconic jeep now belongs to someone who has no real compelling reason to own it.

"It makes absolutely no sense, he has no connection to Stiles at all. I don't understand how Sheriff Stilinksi gave it away so easily, it was his wife's and then it was his son's," Redditor PettyPatty67 said.

Some fans tried to come up with possible reasons, ranging from Jeff Davis simply being petty about Dylan O'Brien not agreeing to be in the movie, to Eli actually being the love child of Derek and Stiles (and yes, all reasons need to be taken with a pinch of salt).

One fan, however, tried to take things seriously.

"I think Eli reminded the sheriff so much of Stiles that it made him not miss his son so much, there was a comfort seeing the jeep back on road. I loved the way the jeep is a whole character on its own, it had more screen time and storyline than Liam," Redditor MonetWeeping suggested.

Stiles' Jeep was indeed a very important part of the Teen Wolf universe, almost like the Winchesters ' Impala is for Supernatural. The car, which previously belonged to Stiles' mother Claudia, was so beloved by Stiles that it appeared in every season of the show and played a major role. Stiles was also seen driving it in the flashforward two years in the future after the events of The Wolves of War.

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Well, now it looks like the car was just... given to someone else. Just like that. No big deal, unless you are a Teen Wolf fan who just finished the movie and wants answers from Jeff Davis himself.

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