Outlander Episode Fans Can't Help But Skip on Rewatch (You Know The One)

Outlander Episode Fans Can't Help But Skip on Rewatch (You Know The One)
Image credit: Starz

Outlander fans are certainly no strangers to heart-wrenching plotlines and unexpected twists. However, one particular episode has left a lasting impression on the viewers (and not in a good way).

In fact, it's so intense and graphic that fans find themselves unable to watch it again, even though they may be enjoying re-watching other episodes from the series.

Outlander is a historical drama that revolves around a World War II military nurse who finds herself thrown back in time from the year 1945 all the way back to 1743. Viewers get to witness great attention to historical detail and stirring romance while they follow the journeys of captivating characters who are crossing timelines.

But in addition to that, the drama is also recognized for elements that aren't so pleasant, including the season 1 finale, which fans have dubbed 'the most disturbing thing they've ever seen.'

For the sake of everyone's mental well-being, we're not going to go into too much detail on what exactly took place. However, in case you're unsure which episode we're talking about (admittedly, there are quite a few distressing episodes), here's a little overview.

Jamie Fraser is in Wentworth Prison where he stood trial and was condemned to hang until his arch-enemy, Captain Black Jack Randall, stopped the execution and ordered for him to be placed in a cell. After the sinister ending of the fifteenth episode, fans were holding out hope that Jamie would be saved on time. However, as soon as we witnessed the opening scene of the finale with naked Jamie and Black Jack behind him, it became clear that not only something terrible had happened, but also nothing good was awaiting him if he wasn't rescued soon.

The seemingly endless episode was so unsettling that fans have no other choice but to skip it when they rewatch the show as even the viewers with stronger stomachs can't get over what they saw to this day. Not only that but some couldn't bring themselves to watch the rest of the show as they simply couldn't get past that.

What they found specifically off-putting is not the fact that the reality of male sexual assault was displayed but rather that it was done so explicitly that it was nearly bordering on what the fans referred to as a 'torture exhibition.'

However, fans were not the only ones who found those scenes brutal.

In fact, Sam Heughan, who plays Jamie on the show, has revealed in his memoir "Waypoints: My Scottish Journey," that the closing scenes were extremely difficult to film and that it was a "harrowing, exhausting experience."