Paul Mescal Gets Candid on Sex Scenes in All of Us Strangers

Paul Mescal Gets Candid on Sex Scenes in All of Us Strangers
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There’s always more than just two bodies involved.


  • All of Us Strangers is a romantic drama film directed by Andrew Haigh.
  • Two leading roles are portrayed by Paul Mescal and Andrew Scott.
  • Paul Mescal believes that an intimate scene is important for storytelling and requires more effort than any dialogue.

Over the years, audiences have become accustomed to a very similar style of intimate scenes in movies. They have been staged to fit one of two scenarios: a slow and romantic one, accompanied by a ballad, or a passionate and sloppy one, which the characters tend to regret later.

While both scenarios still have a right to exist in certain contexts of certain genres, time has brought another demand from the audience. Now people want to see sex scenes that are relatable to them, between the couples that could represent them.

Fortunately, this demand is now being actively met, with many filmmakers changing their approach to portraying such close relationships, and many actors opening up about what intimacy on screen means to them. All of Us Strangers, one of the most promising and heartfelt romance films of 2023, is no exception in this regard.

Paul Mescal About All of Us Strangers Sex Scene

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It's no secret that Paul Mescal has had quite a few projects involving steamy scenes. From Normal People to All of Us Strangers, the scenes were different in setup, mood, and consequences for the characters, but pretty similar in the preparation process. It always requires some sort of privacy bubble and a playlist to set the mood.

While sitting down for an MTV interview with Josh Horowitz, Mescal was asked about his thoughts on intimacy in film in general and his upcoming film All of Us Strangers in particular:

“People have a healthy obsession with why sex exists in film because it’s something that exists in day-to-day life. <...> There’s something really enjoyable about them sometimes because you get to remove the pitfalls of dialogue. It’s the purest kind of acting if you think about it,” the actor said.

All of Us Strangers wouldn't be the first movie to show how the intimacy between characters can affect the audience's perception of their personalities and their romantic storylines. However, it would definitely add to the diversity of the much-needed representation of same-sex relationships on screen.

If you are interested in seeing All of Us Strangers starring Paul Mescal, Andrew Scott, Jamie Bell and Claire Foy, the movie will be released in limited release in the U.S. on December 22, 2023 and in the U.K. on January 26, 2024.

Source: MTV