Paul Wesley's Flop Horror Is So Bad We'd Rather Binge The Vampire Diaries Instead

Paul Wesley's Flop Horror Is So Bad We'd Rather Binge The Vampire Diaries Instead
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There should be a limit!


  • History of Evil is a 2024 horror movie that failed in every aspect.
  • At the center of the movie is a family on the run who finds themselves in danger.
  • The components of horror ended up being huge disappointments.

The fans of all things horror are always waiting for something new to be released in order to tickle their nerves and make them grasp their breath in fear. But it seems like with every new movie, the faith in horrors fades away.

The hopes were up when the fans of the genre heard that a new horror movie was coming out with Paul Wesley on February 23. The name of the flick is History of Evil… and it seems like it ended up being a huge flop. Critics crushed the film, and as a result Rotten Tomatoes rated it 29%.

Let's see, then.

Is History of Evil Really That Bad?

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History of Evil is a movie written and directed by Bo Mirhosseni that takes place in the year 2045, when the world has turned into a place where America is a terrifying "theocratic police state" and is ruled by white supremacists and right-wing evangelicals. That fact alone raises a lot of questions, right?

At the center of the movie, however, is a family trying to escape the new world in an abandoned safe house that turns out to be a haunted place full of evil. The main characters are Ron, played by Paul Wesley, his daughter Daria, and his wife Alegre. And the viewers say that the chemistry between them was terrible...

The writers didn't invest much in their backstories, nor in their actual stories. And they also mention that the script was absolutely shallow and had so many questionable subplots that it was impossible to follow. What also made the fans cringe was that there were far too few scares for a horror movie.

The fans of Paul Wesley remember the time when The Vampire Diaries had just been released and turned all viewers around the world into an obsessed audience. These days, it may or may not be cringey to still love The Vampire Diaries... Well, new year, new trends!

However, after the huge flop that the actor's new movie turned out to be, it seems that the fans would rather binge the show again in order to rehabilitate the actor.

If you are ready to give the vampire story another chance, it’s available to stream on MAX.