Peak Westworld Season That Could Have Been The Best Ending For The Show

Peak Westworld Season That Could Have Been The Best Ending For The Show
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When it comes to wrapping up series, sometimes less is more.

From the very first episode, Westworld captivated the audience with beautiful cinematography, mesmerizing soundtrack, and great acting from its cast. But of course, it was the riveting story about the android inhabitants and guests of the Wild-West-themed amusement park that really kept viewers glued to their screens.

Westworld died unexpectedly in 2022 when the producers decided not to renew it after the fourth season, even though the story hadn't been given a proper ending. And recently, fans of the show launched a discussion about which season of Westworld was the best and could serve as a finale to the whole series.

Of course, the obvious choice for many was Season 2. In this installment, the creators were able to tackle the idea of God and his creations, exploring philosophical questions about the nature of human consciousness, free will, and the ethics of using artificial intelligence.

Season 2 has a number of intriguing plot twists, including the introduction of James Delos, the owner of the amusement park. Through his arc, we get to know the real reason behind Westworld's existence: the park hosts a secret lab that collects information on guests to create digital copies of the human mind. The first test subject for the technology is Delos himself, who happens to be dying of a terrible disease.

According to fans, the second season also features some truly masterful character development. For instance, many enjoyed following Maeve and Bernard trying to come to terms with their newfound consciousness. And of course, another fan-favorite character is Dolores, who transforms from a naive and innocent girl into one of the fiercest leaders in the fight to eliminate human domination.

Did you enjoy Westworld Season 2?

In addition, the Season 2 plot reveals the tragic backstory of one of the most violent characters, Akecheta, who quickly changes from a villain to a hero who wants to save his fellow robots and transport them to a digital paradise called the Valley Beyond.

All in all, the second chapter of Westworld feels a bit like a jumble of storylines, and the twists and timelines often got viewers confused.

However, it would make sense to wrap up the story right at the end of that season, while the show was still at its peak. Unfortunately, the creators simply didn't see the series' cancellation coming so soon.

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