Pedro Pascal May Have Spoiled The Mandalorian Big Time

Pedro Pascal May Have Spoiled The Mandalorian Big Time
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The Internet's Daddy has made an unforgivable mistake in public. Grogu may never look at him the same way ever again!

Pedro Pascal has recently made an appearance on The Graham Norton Show to talk about his experience on The Mandalorian.

The show's host asks Pascal if he knows that every time he is doing a scene, he is "upstaged" by baby Yoda (his name is Grogu!).

The actor goes on to explain that baby Yoda is physically present in the scenes, but then he cuts himself off and says, "I can't believe I said baby Yoda." Too late, Pedro!

Pedro seems mortified! Norton asks him, "Are you not supposed to say that?", to which Pascal replies, "That's the first time… I gotta go!"

All of this is accompanied by shocked sighs from the audience and the guests. How could Pedro do this to his own adopted son on the show?

When the host corrects himself and the actor, asking if Grogu is baby Yoda, Pedro jokingly says, "You know, just following the rules."

Is this an honest mistake followed by a gag or an actual spoiler that we should take seriously?

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It remains unclear. Maybe we are in for a big reveal in season 4 (or at the end of season 3 even)! It would be funny if the Internet's nickname turned out to be the truth though.

Given that the interview is a month old and Pedro Pascal hasn't been fired from the show, it is safe to say that the actor's comment was probably a slip of the tongue and nothing more. Too bad!

Fans are joking that "Disney is coming for Pedro," imagining how the red laser dot appears on Pascal's head right after he says "baby Yoda."

Don't know about Disney, but Grogu will surely be disappointed in his papa.

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Pedro Pascal continues to be a meme in every interview he does, and we are here for it! This guy is adorable, and he totally deserves all the success that has come or is coming to him.