People Don't Want Another 'Death Note' Adaptation – Even From the Duffer Brothers

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Some things are just better off without a Netflix adaptation.

After the tremendous success of 'Stranger Things', it was only a question of time for the Duffer brothers to land their own production company and launch some new projects. Now, this is reality: Matt and Ross Duffer have established the company 'Upside Down' (naturally), and already announced a couple of projects they are working on.

Aside from several 'Stranger Things'-based things, there is a… live-action adaptation of the iconic anime and manga 'Death Note'. And it looks like the choice is way too bold even for the Duffer brothers.

'Death Note' is notorious for its questionable live-action adaptations. The most recent Netflix take on the manga has prompted a wave of disappointment from fans, who insisted that 'Death Note' should remain as it is. The Duffer brothers seem to be keen on changing that once again, but as of now, they have little fan support.

No matter how good the Duffer brothers are, many people think that history itself is against them.

If you ask 'Stranger Things' fans, they would rather have a new season of their favorite show than an anime-based live-action.

But some fans do have certain things in mind that might convince them to give the upcoming adaptation a chance.

After all, the reputation of 'Stranger Things' does seem to give a head start.

Netflix's first attempt at putting 'Death Note' into live-action was in 2017. Although some people enjoyed the movie, OG anime fans were infuriated by pretty much everything about it: from changing the names and appearance of the characters to the film simply ruining the atmosphere of the renowned Japanese series.

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