Pride & Prejudice Fans, This 2020 Period Drama Is Your Next Jane Austen Must-Watch

Pride & Prejudice Fans, This 2020 Period Drama Is Your Next Jane Austen Must-Watch
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Could it be any more entertaining?

The world of period drama is literally full of everything you can imagine. From never-ending war battles to the most romantic storylines, the genre has it all. It's a common thing, though, that many of the shows and movies with historical premises are based on classics.

For example, the fans of all things history are literally obsessed with Jane Austen’s books’ movie and TV adaptations. The iconic Colin Firth ’s portrayal of Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice miniseries is something no one can ever forget.

But there’s another novel of Austen that deserves all the attention it can get, and it's the 2020 movie version of Emma. It’s a sort of period rom-com based on the 1815 book, featuring Anya Taylor-Joy as the main lead.

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The movie centers on Miss Emma Woodhouse, a wealthy young lady living in Regency-era England, whose most favorite thing in the world is to play matchmaking games. Emma believes she has a talent, that’s why she makes it her life’s mission to arrange her best friends’ personal lives.

This plan of hers didn't always work out for the best, but it kept her entertained before she fell in love herself... After so many ridiculously disastrous mismatches, her adventure finally led her to the love of her life.

Emma received a rather high score on Rotten Tomatoes, which is 86%, and is considered a perfect adaptation of the times set in the book.

“I absolutely LOVE this adaptation, and rewatch it often for self care. It's one of my favorites. Pace, costumes, acting, cinematography, the music - all excellent. I know this version doesn't get as much love but I adore it,” Redditor obaachansophie said.

The main reason why some fans, although admitting the movie is shot amazingly, still find something to be annoyed, is the changes the movie crew made to the story.

“I think they go too far in showing Knightley's love for Emma after the ball, which takes away from the suspense when he goes away and Emma is wondering about his feelings for Harriet,” Redditor LadyCatherineDeBourg said.

Emma is available to stream on Netflix and Prime, so if you want to make up your own mind, we suggest you read the book and tune in to one of these two streaming platforms.