Puss In Boots 2 And The Whale Have A Connection You've Never Thought Of

Puss In Boots 2 And The Whale Have A Connection You've Never Thought Of
Image credit: Legion-Media/globallookpress

Puss in Boots: The Last Wish and The Whale are two titles that have recently taken the world by storm.

Although the former is a children's animation and the latter is a drama, they both reveal quite profound everyday problems.

Everyone has at least once thought about their mortality and the value of life, sometimes such thoughts are frightening, but not for the creators of Puss in Boots 2 and the already Oscar-winning movie the Whale, who made this topic the main theme of their work.

Charlie clings to the last moments of his life, realizing that he has wasted most of it by not caring for those closest to him.

The realization hits Charlie so hard that he is even willing to literally stay on the verge of death without going to the hospital just to make sure his daughter is okay.

As strange as it may seem, the same problem is addressed in the Puss in Boots sequel. The theme of death and mortality is not a common one in animations, but it is not a new one either.

For example, Coco showed us how to deal with and accept the death of your loved ones. In Puss in Boots, however, the subject is approached from a slightly different angle, which makes the cartoon somewhat unique.

In fact, Puss cannot be called a hundred percent positive character. He is selfish, uses others for his own benefit, but all this changes the moment he realizes that life is not endless.

Puss never thought about the inevitability of death and therefore had no appreciation for life and those who fill it with meaning.

Throughout his life, he pursued adventures that left nothing but emptiness.

So when he realizes that there are no more "second" chances, everything important suddenly comes to the fore – both Kitty, whom he left at the altar in one of the past lives, and Purrito, who taught Puss to enjoy the simple things in life and became his family.

The message of both pictures is not just to remind viewers that they will die one day. It is a cheerful message that makes you think about what you fill your life with and what it will mean in the face of death.