Quiz: Which Christmas Movie Should You Watch This Weekend?

Quiz: Which Christmas Movie Should You Watch This Weekend?
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The holiday season is here, and what's better to start us off than a good Christmas movie?

But with so many classics and new hits out there, choosing the right one can feel like trying to pick the perfect gift for someone who says they 'don't want anything'.

That's where our quiz comes in!

This (admittedly quite simple but still fun) quiz is your ticket to finding your holiday film soulmate. Whether you're into the heartwarming tales that restore your faith in humanity or the laugh-out-loud comedies that make you forget about the chaos of holiday shopping, we've got you covered.

Think about it – are you the type who gets all fuzzy inside at the thought of families reuniting and love prevailing against all odds? Or maybe you're more into the mischievous antics of a holiday prankster? Don't sweat it if you're not sure. Our quiz is like your own personal Santa, here to deliver the perfect movie match.

It's time to discover which Christmas movie is calling your name this weekend. Who knows? You might just find a couple of sorta-recent movie releases you haven't seen yet!