Ranking 6 Best New TV Shows of December 2023 You Can't Miss

Ranking 6 Best New TV Shows of December 2023 You Can't Miss
Image credit: Hulu

There's more to December than Christmas movies, so don't miss these new and exciting year-end releases.

From real-life science to fantastical demigods, you're sure to find a hot new series on this list that you won't want to miss this December.

6. Geddy Lee Asks: Are Bass Players Human Too?

December 5 on Paramount+

Follow renowned singer and bass player Geddy Lee in this laid-back docuseries as he delves into the lives of four legendary bass players through a series of interviews that shows them beyond their music. Geddy Lee explores their secret passions, inspirations and, of course, makes time for plenty of jamming sessions in what he describes as 'different kind of music show.'

5. Science Fair: The Series

December 10 on Nat Geo

If you're looking for entertainment and educational value in one, then you'll want to tune in to this series that delves into one of the most prolific science competitions of all time, the International Science and Engineering Fair, and follows the brilliant young minds of our generation as they compete to take home first prize with their revolutionary ideas. From solving plastic pollution to creating sustainable fuel alternatives, watch these young geniuses and their world-changing innovations go head-to-head on a global stage.

4. Extended Family

December 23 on NBC

The happiest day of their lives was not their wedding, but their divorce.

Starring John Cryer (Two and a Half Men) alongside Finn Sweeney and Abigail Spencer, this fresh new sitcom shows the funny and lighthearted side of divorce as an ex-husband and wife separate on good terms, and remain friends, even integrating the ex-wife's new boyfriend into the mix as the divorcees continue to take turns in their family home, raising their children.

Moments of awkwardness and pure hilarity are inevitable with this storyline, and we expect nothing short of a riotous series with these three actors taking the lead.

3. Carol and the End of the World

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December 15 on Netflix

What would you do if you knew the world was going to end?

From the same writer of the hilariously crude animated sci-fi, Rick and Morty, comes Carol and the End of the World, a limited animated series for adults. Carol and the End of the World follows the titular character as humanity learns that the world is facing planetary extinction, and comments on how people react to the literal apocalyptic event. Highlighting the comforts of monotony, Carol seeks a different approach to what may be her last days, while those around her descend into hilarious chaos, pursuing wild and ambitious dreams on borrowed time.

2. Culprits

December 8 on Hulu

One job. One massive heist. One group who then go their separate ways, back to their normal lives, or so they think.

When one of them is killed, the group realizes that the past is catching up with them one by one, and the consequences are deadly. This brand-new British series is dark and ominous, and is sure to leave viewers feeling paranoid, with a few laughs in between, as the group of ex-cons try to figure out the killer's motive, and identity before it's too late.

1. Percy Jackson and the Olympians

December 20 on Disney+

A decade after the last Percy Jackson movie comes the fantasy series we've been dreaming of. With a new actor taking on the role of Percy Jackson, the magic and mayhem of Rick Riordan's bestselling books are brought back to life as we follow 12-year-old demigod Percy on an adventure to prove his innocence after being accused of stealing Zeus' lightning bolt.

Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime, as Percy teams up with Grover and Annabeth on an epic quest to restore order to Olympus before time runs out. With exciting new faces, a modern approach and high-quality special effects, we expect this to be an unforgettable watch for the whole family to enjoy.