Rebecca Ferguson Sums Silo S1 Finale in One Word That Drives Us Crazy

Rebecca Ferguson Sums Silo S1 Finale in One Word That Drives Us Crazy
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The dystopian future takes more and more unexpected turns.

With Silo season 1 coming to an end this Friday, there's more and more excitement out there as fans try hard to guess what it will bring.

So far, every episode of the season has ended on a cliffhanger, so it's perfectly reasonable to think that the show's creators will somehow find a way to make fans tear their hair out in a hysterical frenzy when the first season’s finale airs.

And up until now, all they have gotten are their own thoughts and theories. But recently, Silo star Rebecca Ferguson couldn't help but drop a huge hint about the show's finale.

Actually, she said that she would not, and she even tried to keep it together, but one word seemed to be enough to tease the fans.

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She said that the show will get... "wetter" at the end. What does that mean? As we remember, there's a place deep down that's full of water, maybe the hit has something to do with that? Or are we to expect some steam?..

Well, Reddit users also started speculating on the topic, and some fans who have read all of Hugh Howey's original books said they knew what "wetter" meant, and were pretty excited to finally see it happen.

But it is not all that simple. Some other fans who have also read the book said that it might not be so obvious to try to guess what will happen in the finale of the Apple TV Plus show.

“I read somewhere, perhaps Hugh Howey's words, that book readers will be equally surprised by the ending as non-readers. Seeing how much the adaptation has diverged from the books in smaller ways, I'm half expecting the writers to have introduced some larger changes that book readers would not have anticipated,” Redditor diggity_digdog said.

Well, it seems that the ending of season 2 of the show will be a surprise for everyone. And as Ferguson said, every fan's thought would be "Where's Season 2?!"

Season 1 finale hits Apple TV Plus this Friday, June 30. The second season is said to have started filming, but the release date remains a mystery as of now.

Source: Collider