Recasting Michael Scott? 5 Celebrities Who Auditioned For The Office But Failed

Recasting Michael Scott? 5 Celebrities Who Auditioned For The Office But Failed
Image credit: NBC

You would not believe the Michael Scott we almost had.

When your TV show is as old and as beloved as The Office, it's hard to imagine the characters being anything other than what they are on screen. From the names to the costumes to the way they speak, any change would not be taken lightly, to say the least.

However, back when the show was in pre-production and all the actors were just coming in for auditions, there were quite a few names competing with those who ended up in the cast. And judging by their talent, they all had a good chance.

Here are five actors who almost got cast as the fan-favorite characters on The Office:

Adam Scott (Jim Halpert)

If there was one actor who could compete with John Krasinski 's endearing portrayal of Jim Halpert, it would be Parks and Rec's Adam Scott. At the time, Scott had more acting experience, but the casting director and The Office production team decided to go with a bit of a wild card instead. Now it is safe to say that it was the right choice.

Seth Rogen ( Dwight Schrute)

It would be interesting to see Seth Rogen take on the role of someone as serious and straight as Dwight Schrute, as this is not the typical type of role for him. However, we will never know how that would turn out, as the actor couldn't handle the competition with Rainn Wilson's performance.

Bob Odenkirk (Michael Scott)

It's hard to imagine Michael Scott being portrayed by anyone other than Steve Carell, but the possibility was pretty high considering Carell wasn't available. However, the pilot of another project he was cast in failed, and Bob Odenkirk, who was cast as his replacement, was fired.
The actor eventually made a guest appearance in the episode Moving On (S9E16).

Eric Stonestreet (Kevin Malone)

There are two reasons why everyone should be glad that Modern Family 's Eric Stonestreet didn't get the role of Kevin. First, it would be impossible to top Brian Baumgartner, and second, chances are good that Stonestreet wouldn't pursue Modern Family if he had already landed the role on The Office. Imagine losing the Cameron Tucker we all know and love!

John Cho (Jim Halpert)

John Cho can definitely be called a veteran of the comedy genre, and he would fit right into The Office with his perfect comedic sense and delivery. However, he wasn't exactly the right choice for Jim Halpert, and the casting directors knew it. Too bad there wasn't another character they could have suggested instead.