Reddit Believes Sony Is Using A Controversial Strategy To Recruit Stars For Its Marvel Movies

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It looks like MCU fans’ distaste for Sony Marvel films is further elevated by a recent theory on Reddit explaining why so many popular actors have chosen to participate in the Sonyverse.

Aside from the hugely successful 'Venom', Sonyverse's other projects have been a bit of a failure, and the recent release of 'Morbius', starring the likes of Jared Leto and Matt Smith, turned out to be a huge disaster for the studio. So, if the Sony-developed product is so unimpressive compared to the MCU movies, why are great actors still willing to star in it? Turns out fans have an answer to that question.

In a recent thread on Reddit fans put forth a theory accusing Sony Pictures of using the Disney universe to attract big-name stars to its movies. Some people suspect that Sony management willingly deceives actors into believing that they will be part of the MCU, even though they clearly are not.

This could explain those weird shenanigans involving Matt Smith and Sidney Sweeney, who will star in Sony's upcoming film 'Madame Web'.

Although these accusations are still just a theory, there is definitely something real underneath them.

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