Reddit Has a Plan for Future Seasons of The Sandman

Reddit Has a Plan for Future Seasons of The Sandman
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Even though the show is yet to secure a second season.

Despite the fact that Netflix is yet to break the silence on The Sandman 's future, fans are already coming up with plans for not just season 2, but for even more chapters.

Neil Gaiman 's graphic novel does indeed provide a vast choice of storylines that could be further adapted by Netflix should the network decide to go on with the show. Chances are high because of the first season's success, but months after its premiere, the streaming platform still remains mum.

Fans, however, are confident that the series will be continued. As for where the story might go, Reddit has already broken down the possible arcs.

For season 2, fans believe it would be best to go for the adaptation of Midsummer Night's Dream, and then "adapt Season of Mists with Game of You acting as a B Plot".

Midsummer Night's Dream is an issue where Morpheus basically enters the world of William Shakespeare's eponymous comedy. Season of Mists follows the story of Morpheus visiting Hell again to rescue his former lover, African Queen Nada. A Game of You focuses on the story of Barbie — a girl who once dreamed of herself as a princess in a fantasy world, but then woke up to have one of her housemates killed — and then use an amulet that can take her back to her dreaming land.

"Alternatively Season of Mists and Game of You can be done separately similar to the structure of S1. Thermidor can be used as the breather episode for this season in between SoM and GoY. For this one, Ramadan and 3 Septembers and a January can be the special episode," Redditor ConfusedBub suggested further.

The extensive Reddit theory offers a roadmap for two more seasons right through season 4 and even a special. For season 3, the theory suggests "The Song of Orpheus. Adapt Brief Lives + The Kindly Ones 1 to 4/7" along with "the entirety of World's End as the special episode." Season 4, according to the fan, could be better off adapting the rest of The Kindly Ones, and then go for The Wake and turn Sunday Morning into a special.

The Kindly Ones is some sort of a wrap-up of several other stories introduced by Gaiman in previous chapters — which could potentially make a perfect season 4 should it be confirmed to be the final one for the series.

However, Netflix is still to announce whether it plans to continue The Sandman. The first season of the graphic novel adaptation has secured impressive numbers, having stayed in Netflix's global top 10 for over six weeks. Some fans fear that even good figures might not be enough for The Sandman to be greenlit for a second season. According to Gaiman, however, evaluation of the numbers takes time for the network, as the author promises to deliver the news — hopefully good — as soon as possible.