Reddit Has Some Ideas For Spider-Man & Daredevil MCU Collab

Reddit Has Some Ideas For Spider-Man & Daredevil MCU Collab
Image credit: Legion-Media

With Matt Murdock's appearance in 'Spider-Man: No Way Home', fans are sure that two NYC superheroes will eventually cross paths again in the MCU.

Charlie Cox 's version of the iconic blind superhero created a furor when the Netflix series Daredevil first hit home screens in 2015, and after that series' untimely cancellation, fans were restless to see more of the Man Without Fear. Thus, Murdock's appearance as Peter Parker's (Tom Holland ) lawyer in the latest Spider-Man movie surprised and delighted fans, and the recent announcement that Daredevil would get its own Disney+ series delighted MCU fandom with the future of the franchise. But an important question remains – will Daredevil and Spider-Man unite in the future?

In a recent thread on Reddit fans discussed what this landmark cameo really meant for Daredevil's future in the MCU, deciding that it had only one purpose: to make him canonical.

Therefore, most devoted Marvel fans believe that the two heroes will eventually team up to fight crime, as was shown many times in the original comics. Many expect Daredevil to play a crucial role in a possible second 'Spider-Man' trilogy if Tom Holland agrees to return.

Others suggest interesting sources of inspiration for MCU's creative team, from comic books to '90s cartoon series.