Reddit Just Proposed The Perfect Idea For 'Daredevil' Solo Series

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With 'Daredevil' Disney+ series finally confirmed, fans are wondering what it could be about, with one theory in particular standing out from all the rest.

Charlie Cox will return as blind lawyer Matt Murdock in the near future, again helping those in need of legal or superhero help. Ever since the character first appeared in the Netflix series of the same name, fans have associated the masked vigilante with a more realistic, down-to-earth, even gritty approach to superheroics, so the upcoming appearance of Daredevil in the MCU is making quite a few fans nervous. Many are afraid that Disney will turn Cox's character into yet another generic, bland superhero. But it seems that some fans have managed to develop a canon-compliant but rather dark theory for the upcoming series.

In a recent discussion on Reddit user /Citizensssnips offered an interesting (if a bit depressing) angle on Daredevil's story – his life during and after the Blip. Murdock, of course, is blind, so the millions of people disappearing into thin air, all that noise, screaming and yelling could have traumatized him badly, rendering him helpless again. In such an environment, a tense psychological drama could unfold, with Daredevil carefully navigating a suddenly silent Manhattan – quite a sight, isn't it?

hundreds of thousands of heartbeats in nyc just going instantly silent.

If he lived, it was the quietest moment in Matt Murdock 's life.

And the sweet relief of having all those people back after five years could be a great way to end the series as life returns to New York City.

"Another thing that could be explored is that once the people were blipped back it was deafening because suddenly hundreds of thousands of more people breathing and talking and crying after five years of relative quiet. But that's assuming he didn't get blipped," – /TheTattooOnR2D2sFace.

Some fans think that this theory fits well with the overall MCU narrative and may explain why Murdock was seen protecting Peter Parker in 'Spider-Man: No Way Home'.

"That could even be a reason why he's getting more involved with other superheroes, he wants to increase his capacity to help others by supporting those with greater power and ability," – /osborncurse.

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