Reddit's List of Harry Potter Villains You'll Love to Hate

Reddit's List of Harry Potter Villains You'll Love to Hate
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The wizarding world of Harry Potter is massive. No dramatization here; it's colossal.

The fantastical world of witchcraft and wizardry has its fair share of heroes and heroines like Harry and Hermione. It also has a hefty band of villains to go along with them.

The lengths to which this world expands attests to the true genius of the author's work.

Potterheads have long debated all elements of J.K Rowling's world. On Reddit, a lot of these debates are centered around the worst. Worst death, worst heartbreak, and worst villains. The latter of the three is what we're exploring today.

The Obvious is here for a Reason

First, the man needs no formal introduction. Hailed by many as the supreme antagonist of the franchise, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named (psst… it's Lord Voldemort) comes to the mind of many when asked who the most evil of the villains is.

Voldemort is widely accepted by members of the community as the pinnacle of all evil. The combined effects of his power, thirst for immortality, and pure hatred of humanity left him a symbol of fear amongst the wizarding world.

Redditors have stated that despite the terror Lord Voldemort cast upon the world around him, he is still an obvious choice for any top 5 list, hence why we've put him first. The real juice is just beginning.

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A Contradictory Force

He is hell on wheels to some and a damaged soul with a heart of gold to others. Severus Snape is one name that has received heavy discussion across the Reddit threads.

On the surface, he was a crude educator who never had the care to instill an adequate understanding of his textbook theory into the minds of his young wizarding students.

Beyond the classroom his overt favoritism, as well as disdain towards his students reverberated throughout the halls of Hogwarts.

Some Redditors have taken him to task for being what they consider Voldermort's right-hand man. Users say the cloaked professor would have had to take part in some messed up practices to achieve such status.

The greatest consensus among the Snape-loathing community is the utter opposition to the soulless act of sentencing the Potter family to death.

To add fuel to the fire, they claim that being willing to trade the baby to save his crush is inexcusable and unforgivable in any circumstance.

The narcissistic act of saving the one person he loved while killing everyone who she valued was enough to turn them off for good.

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An Unassuming Presence

Certain Harry Potter threads across Reddit have a ubiquitous degree of hatred toward who some consider unassumingly average.

Dubbed the evilest of all, Delores Umbridge concealed her wicked intentions behind a smokescreen of innocence.

Constantly presenting herself as a sweet old woman, she would literally torture her students with the purpose of getting answers out of them (some technique she has there… sheesh).

Though the Potterheads of this demographic do understand the franchise is composed of a multitude of villains, they are pressed to show that there is a pungent scent of sinisterness that trails behind her throughout the entire series.

These users are convinced that nobody can hit as hard as Umbridge based on the fact that her true motives went largely incognito to most she encountered.

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The Creepiest of the Crew

Fenrir Greyback may not have garnered as strong of a fan response as some of his counterparts, but that could be because he creeps them out too much to crack open any deeper.

Known as the most savage werewolf alive, the disgustingly demeanored creature left a sour taste in users' mouths.

Multiple commenters have cited him causing Remus Lupin 's transformation into a werewolf amongst the most diabolical acts of the entire series.

The fact that Remus was a mere four years of age deepened the wound felt by fans. As well, the petty motive of avenging the boy's father remains etched into the minds of his critics.

The most significant penchant that off-put viewers was his "habit" of harming children. The joy he received from prying on youth is disgraceful.

Redditors have concluded that as with real life, predatory tactics aimed at children explode past the tolerance threshold.

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The Resident Gossip Girl

The most painstakingly aggravating character has been signaled down to Rita Skeeter. Despised by countless Redditors, her alteration of the story's path is on par with a propagandic-tabloid hybrid.

Users have gone into great detail unpacking her devilish deeds, most of which were being executed through the Daily Prophet.

As noted in the threads, Rita had free-range to write and publish anything and everything, all without fact-checking.

The Reddit fanbase believes that there would not be as much turmoil within the ministry and Voldemort may have been able to be found and killed much sooner.

To achieve this, Rita deliberately manipulated the Prophet's audience in an attempt to slander the reputations of Dumbledore and Harry so people would not view their words as credible.

The Reddit community unites under the idea that though she was not the most harmful individual in a direct manner, the delay in hunting down Voldemort resulted in the loss of many lives.