Reddit Surprisingly Picks Westworld's Best Season As Worst, And It Started a Huge Debate

Reddit Surprisingly Picks Westworld's Best Season As Worst, And It Started a Huge Debate
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That's where unpopular opinions take you.

The series is set in a fictional world where humans can interact with robots in a theme park. The show's first season was considered one of the most unusual and mysterious in television history.

Recently, however, some Reddit users have chosen the best part of Westworld as the worst.

Redditor Ok-Blacksmith4364 suggested the first season seems to be a kind of prologue to the main story, which begins to develop with the next chapters.

The user likes the philosophical component of the premiere installment, but they feel the subsequent seasons have done a much better job with it.

The initial events seem rather predictable and the characters do not seem fully developed until the robot uprising.

The Redditor thinks that the people who voted for the first season as the best were the least immersed in the lore of Westworld.

They just liked the abstruse thoughts of Anthony Hopkins' character, who pretended to be a god and quoted Shakespeare.

The fan was also annoyed that some complained the storyline strayed outside the main zones of the park.

The culmination of the first season caused the characters to leave this metaphorical Limbus. If all the chapters were developed in the same locations, it would simply bore the audience.

Also, in the Redditor's opinion, the following seasons better reveal the motivations of the park's hosts and the world of the series as a whole.

The vast majority of fans, however, disagree. Some understand the Redditor's feelings when it comes to character development, but it was the first season that set the standard for the entire show.

Viewers claim that if season 5 were to take place, it would bring the series back to the Wild West world where it began.

Fans have stated that Westworld started out as the best show in the world, a kind of Game of Thrones, comparable in story and visual quality to HBO's flagship series.

But with each new season, the standard has dropped. Fans say a fifth chapter could rehabilitate the previous parts in the eyes of many, but they do not agree with the suggestion that the premiere installment was the worst part of the show.

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