Reddit Theory Explains Why Stranger in 'The Rings of Power' Might Be Saruman

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The mysterious bearded man who fell from the sky might be a wizard, but not the one everyone thinks.

With the identity of the Stranger from 'The Rings of Power' still a mystery, fans can't stop guessing who he might be. They refuse to believe that he is simply an original character introduced in the story simply as a new friend for Nori.

The two most popular candidates for the Stranger's hidden identity are Sauron and Gandalf. Those are quite polarizing, as Sauron is the main villain, and Gandalf, essentially, one of the most iconic good guys in the world of Middle-earth. However, fans have another theory regarding the identity of the Stranger, and this one is also connected with wizards.

According to a theory by Reddit user NUGEenator, the Stranger might be Saruman the Grey — mainly because the actor who portrays the Stranger shares a striking resemblance with late Christopher Lee, who portrayed the wizard in the movie trilogy directed by Peter Jackson.

"I have high doubts they would incorporate the blue wizards in this, and Gandalf seems to be under Saruman so it wouldn't make sense for him to arrive before him. All signs point to the future Isengard wizard. I assume we will see some sort of 'white hand' play into this that will give him away," the Redditor argued.

However, many people were quick to cast doubts on the theory, arguing that the most likely explanation of the Stranger mystery is that the showrunners are trying to incorporate the blue wizards into the story.

"I don't see why it would be Saruman narratively. It's easier to do at least one of the Blues, even if they never refer to him as a Blue. You can literally have them do anything and aren't beholden to lore breaks." – /Pipe-International

Even though everything is possible in 'The Rings of Power', there is also a question, as pointed out by another Reddit user.

"But in the writings Saruman arrives by ship at the Havens in full knowledge of who he is and in possession of his powers as a messenger of the Valar sent to oppose Sauron. Not sure why the show would give him amnesia; how would that serve the story?" Redditor frodosdream argued.

The Stranger has been one of the show's biggest mysteries since landing near the Harfoot settlement in a meteorite crash. He doesn't look evil or intimidating so far, but it seems that 'The Rings of Power' remains ready to surprise the viewers.

The show is currently streaming on Prime Video, with new episodes arriving every Friday.

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