Reddit Theory Suggests 'The Rings of Power's Theo Is Not Who We Think He Is

Reddit Theory Suggests 'The Rings of Power's Theo Is Not Who We Think He Is
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That lovely boy? No way! Unless...

One of the biggest mysteries of 'The Rings of Power ' is whether one of the already introduced characters is Sauron — and if that's true, then who exactly? However, while fans are busy looking for the main villain, more secrets might be there, right in front of our eyes.

One such possible mystery is the identity of Theo, one of the Tirharad's residents who is highly skeptical of his mother's feelings towards elf Arondir. Some fans suspect that he might not be who he seems to be, especially after he gets his hands of the mysterious dark sword in episode 4. Following the tradition of 'The Rings of Power' fandom, many people have already deemed him as a potential Sauron in disguise, but that's not the only possible identity he might be hiding.

According to a Reddit theory, Theo might be the Witch King of Angmar — the future Lord of the Nazgul. Speculations that the Nazgul might be the part of 'The Rings of Power' have been circulating in social media for a long time, but four episodes into the show, there is still little proof to back them somehow.

Another thing that seems to make Theo suspicious is that we never get to see his ears. Many fans started to think that he might be a half-elf, maybe even fathered by Arondir. The latter, however, is quite unlikely given that Arondir and Theo's mother hardly allow each other to look themselves directly in the eye, let alone kiss or share any other intimate moments.

Moreover, some fans argue that the possibility of Arondir being Theo's father would "seriously contradict some well-established, core stuff of the mythology".

Anyway, what is true is that 'The Rings of Power' does have a lot of mysteries to unpack, and just four episodes to address it. With how slowly the story develops, many fans are starting to doubt if the writers would be able to handle it right.

'The Rings of Power' is currently streaming on Prime Video. New episodes premiere every Friday. The finale will arrive on October 13.