Reddit Tried to Come Up With New Attack of the Clones Title, and the Results Were Hilarious

Reddit Tried to Come Up With New Attack of the Clones Title, and the Results Were Hilarious
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Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones received a lot of criticism at the time.

And one of the points of criticism concerned the title itself. Sure, the clone army was the central plot device in the movie, but it was still just a plot device, and it only really activated in the finale. And "Attack of the Clones" just did not sound good.

So, recently users on Reddit had a thread dedicated to coming up with alternative names for Episode II. As you can expect from the Internet, the overwhelming majority of the proposed titles were jokes, and rather funny ones at that.

Some of them mocked the actual title of the episode: Aggression of the Copies, Offensive of the Replicas, Assault of the Derivatives, Onslaught of the Duplicates, Conflict of the Counterfeits, and so on.

Others mocked the above-mentioned fact of the movie being named after what wasn't the most important part of it: The Ballad of Dexter Jettster or Jar Jar's Great Adventure.

Quite a few were just puns on Jango Fett's name: The Jango Tango, It takes two to Jango, Last Jango on Geonosis, Jango Tango, Jango Unchained, etc.

Some used the name of Episode I as basis for the joke: 2 Phantom 2 Menace, Twice the Phantom Double the Menace, Phantoms Die Twice, and such.

Some just invoked other famous titles: The Emperor's New Clone or The Sith Element.

And some of the popular suggestions were actually serious. The idea of simply calling the episode The Clone Wars was upvoted, but to be fair, it has the same problem as the actual name of the episode. Either Twilight of the Jedi or Twilight of the Republic would be good names for obvious reasons.

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And one of the most popular suggestions, Army of the Republic, still references the Clone Army, but also introduces a double meaning - despite the claim that the Jedi are peacekeepers, not soldiers, the Jedi characters are all effectively part of the Republic's "army," officially becoming generals and soldiers by the end, while their failure to actually win the battle at the finale, and their replacement by faceless, perfectly obedient clone soldiers, foreshadows the Republic's downfall.

Also, Army of the Republic still nicely parallels the title of Episode V, only referring to a government instead of a military offensive.