Resident Alien Season 4 May Change Everything Big Time

Resident Alien Season 4 May Change Everything Big Time
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The high-rated show’s future is now entangled in a web of controversial decisions.


  • Throughout its television run since 2021, Resident Alien has garnered everyone’s praises and hopes for another renewal, but the show will face some major changes if its future season is confirmed anytime soon.
  • Since Resident Alien was launched, the show has been run by NBCU’s Syfy, but with another season that may come around soon it may be shifted to some other network.
  • With no new season being confirmed, it’s so far hard to tell what will eventually take Resident Alien under its control, but chances are that the show might land on a streaming giant’s platform.

Launched back in 2021, Resident Alien starring Alan Tudyk has been nothing but a stunning success for both viewers and critics. The show introduced its third season earlier this year which, after being wrapped up by the finale released in April, has all chances to pave the show’s way further for more seasons.

Despite overall delight, Resident Alien still might face some challenges as the series now risks moving somewhere else away from its current home network.

Initially being run by NBCU’s Syfy, Resident Alien may reportedly be shifted to USA Network, the channel that right now doesn’t have any original shows airing, except for Chucky that the network shares with the same Syfy.

According to Deadline, if the show continues its run with season 4 or more, it’s very unlikely that Resident Alien will eventually get stuck to Syfy, so the only possible solution here is moving it to USA Network which is also a part of NBCU.

If such an option seems to be just fine for the show that will stay within the same media group anyway, there’s a need to dive deep into details. In case of Resident Alien’s shift to USA Network, the series’ future season will be produced with much less of a budget than before, approximately $500.000 per episode which, according to the report, may become quite a challenge.

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Such a drastic change can only be explained by the fact that basic cable channels are still dealing with a crisis caused by cord-cutting and the overall lack of interest in classic TV from the audience’s part.

So far there’s nothing clear about Resident Alien’s future as a whole, but if the show is eventually renewed for yet another season, the producing company will do its best to stay with NBCU, no matter with which part of it exactly.

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If the latter doesn’t give any sign of the desire to cooperate, the show will have to start looking for a new home. This might potentially be Netflix that previously released Resident Alien’s seasons 1 and 2 ahead of season 3 premiere.

Source: Deadline