Rick Riordan Confirms a Mystery Behind Symbols on Camp Cabins in 'Percy Jackson'

Rick Riordan Confirms a Mystery Behind Symbols on Camp Cabins in 'Percy Jackson'
Image credit: Disney+

Have you spotted them?

In the first trailer for 'Percy Jackson and the Olympians' TV series, quite a few things about Camp Half-Blood are revealed. For instance, we get a quick look at the forest it is located in, as well as the uniform the demigods are wearing and the cabins they live in.

But the latter still do have some mysteries about them. Eagle-eyed fans have spotted that each cabin has a weird symbol on it that does not look Greek or anything familiar from the Percy Jackson series.

After a slew of fan theories and guesses, the series author himself, Rick Riordan, had to weigh in. However, he was just as mysterious as those cabins.

"Now that symbol I can see. There is a story behind these. You are right. They are not Greek. They are not any known human language. That is intentional. You will discover what those are about later on. Good spotting, eagle-eyed fans!" Riordan wrote in his blog.

It's unclear whether the mystery will be unveiled in the next trailers or we have to wait until the show's premiere.

Riordan also addressed some bizarre-shaped letters on signs in Camp Half-Blood. Some of these letters appear to be deformed into Ancient Greek letters — and if you could see them, then you are a demigod, according to Riordan.

But the cabin symbols secret continues to torment fans. Some of them suggested that the show might introduce some kind of its own language.

"Constructed Language a la Elvish or High Valyrian for this show confirmed? It was implied that some characters spoke a language more "ancient." – @AdriCuaderno

In the books, cyclops Tyson revealed at some point that there was a language that Gaia used to communicate with Titans, Elder Cyclops, and Hekatonkheires before the Olympian gods were even born. As a cyclops, Tyson was able to understand it. He referred to it as "the tongue of the old times". But it is still unclear whether the show implies this particular language or something new.

The premiere date for 'Percy Jackson and the Olympians' has not been scheduled yet. According to IMDb, the show will be released on Disney Plus at some point in 2024.