Ridiculous Amount of Money WB Lost Because of Supernatural's Main Trio Having Fun on Set

Ridiculous Amount of Money WB Lost Because of Supernatural's Main Trio Having Fun on Set
Image credit: The CW

True friendship is worth more than money.

Supernatural is quite a TV veteran, as it lasted 15 years. During this time, the cast and even the show crew became so close that they became a real family.

Many people know that actors Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins are very close friends in real life. Their friendship continues even though the filming of the show is over.

For 15 years, the TV series has gained a lot of fans – fan meetings and interviews let the viewers know how open and friendly the actors are.

They always communicate with fans with full dedication, answering questions and supporting not only each other but also their devoted audience.

No less popular than the show itself have become the bloopers from the set of almost every season, where the actors fool around and joke with each other.

It turns out that such entertainment cost the creators of the series a pretty penny.

Speaking with Michael Rosenbaum on his podcast Inside of You, Misha Collins commented on the actors' friendships on set and how much it actually cost the studio.

"It was maddening at times, but it was also, I think, demonstrative of the fact that we had a lot of fun on set. Like, I think it is probably north of a million dollars in overtime that Warner Brothers had to pay for because of us walking around on set over the years, without hyperbole," the actor revealed.

Prior to the premiere of the final fifteenth season, the cast attended San Diego Comic-Con, where they could not hold back tears.

During the conversation, Collins shared a touching story from many years ago. In his belongings, he found a list of goals he had made before he was cast in Supernatural.

Among them was the challenge of being part of a "creatively satisfying" cast and becoming "forever friends" with his co-stars on set.

According to the actor, he never imagined that his goals would be achieved after 15 years.

Everyone was moved by such a touching speech, including Jared Padalecki, who did not hide his tears. At the moment of parting, almost every actor shed a tear and the team was seen off with a standing ovation.

Source: Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum