Rings of Power Questionable Recast Actually Makes Perfect Sense

Rings of Power Questionable Recast Actually Makes Perfect Sense
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After the surprise exit of Joseph Mawle from The Rings of Power, fans have been wondering what will become of his previous character Adar on the show.

Revealed to be replaced by Sam Hazeldine in the series' second season, it seems Adar will continue to be a prominent character yet with an entirely new face. However, the corrupted dark elf's new appearance may come at perfect timing within the series. Something the showrunners will perhaps take full advantage of.

Adar's story so far

During the first season of RoP, Adar was at first suspected of being the infamous antagonist Sauron. Although he was eventually revealed as a new character entirely, as well as a former follower of Morgoth.

Adar seems to have a close association with the orcs he commands, as they know him predominantly as the 'lord father'. It is demonstrated he has a close connection with the orcs also when his plot is exposed to seize the Southlands for them.

Intending to create a kingdom of his own in which the orcs can roam unburdened by sunlight. By the end of the season, his plan comes to fruition, and the land of Mordor is established.

Why did Joseph Mawle leave the series?

Although Mawle has not explained much about his decision to leave the RoP, he has expressed no disrespect concerning the series or his time on the show. In a tweet announcing his decision to leave, he mentioned how honored he was concerning his character. Hinting it was his wish to move on to other projects and roles as his reason for leaving.

What Sam Hazeldine could bring to the role

Now that Sauron's reveal has removed part of the mystery that first existed around the character, Adar is free to see greater development in the show's continuing seasons.

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At the end of the last episode Adar and his orcs have escaped from the captivity of Galadriel and the Númenorians. However, Sauron/Halbrand is seen making his way to the very lands he has just conquered. It was revealed in the season that the two characters do not see eye-to-eye.

But it is also obvious that Sauron will eventually be the ruler of Mordor and not Adar. Could this lead to future conflict between the two characters as they battle for the dark lands of Mount Doom?

An interesting characteristic of Adar is his moral ambiguity. A trait that was revealed gradually throughout the first season. During Galadriel's interrogation of him, it is clear he views himself as not too dissimilar to her. Someone who has been touched by darkness, but still wants to protect his own people (the orcs).

Adar's sense of morality might see him evolve further as the series progresses. Maybe even returning to the side of the light once again. Which would be a convenient method to explain his change of appearance from Mawle to Hazeldine.