Robber Stole Breaking Bad Finale Script from Star Bryan Cranston, Wanted to Leak It

Robber Stole Breaking Bad Finale Script from Star Bryan Cranston, Wanted to Leak It
Image credit: AMC

Bryan Cranston, the one and only star of Breaking Bad, hates to be accused of losing the final script of the show: according to him, it was an entire robbery case!

There are millions of TV shows out there, and they’re all quite different. Still, it can be hard to find something new to watch when it feels like you’ve watched everything — and many people find their joy in rewatching the new classics. There are several biggest shows of this century that just don’t ever exhaust you on a rewatch.

Breaking Bad is definitely one such show: you need to really know the TV show industry to come up with at least a dozen shows of the same scale and grandeur. Back in the day, Breaking Bad had the world in a chokehold, and millions of people around the globe were glued to their screens to learn what would happen next.

Much like with other shows of similar popularity, some folks were being too obsessive over it: they wanted to know the future of the series no matter the cost. Some of them were just really devoted fans, but others sought to sell or leak the inside information about Breaking Bad to make it a new sensation.

Once, the final scripts of Breaking Bad were even stolen from Bryan Cranston ’s car! The actor told this story in full because he was frustrated with how many people thought that it was his fault that the scripts were lost.

“Someone broke into my car, and in it was my briefcase with the last two scripts of Breaking Bad. <...> There was rumor [about the script that appeared online later], and then Vince Gilligan [the creator of the show] changed a lot of it because he didn’t want it to leak,” Cranston shared on The Late Late Show With James Corden.

Thanks to the effort from the Breaking Bad creators, the last episode of the show was then changed to avoid giving in to the robber who wanted to leak the information… And now the question that bothers us is, what was the creator’s original plan for the finale of Breaking Bad and how dramatically did it change?

Source: The Late Late Show With James Corden