Robert Pattinson Wasn't the Only Twilight Star to Hate the Saga, He Was Just the Loudest

Robert Pattinson Wasn't the Only Twilight Star to Hate the Saga, He Was Just the Loudest
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Your favorite scene of Taylor Lautner was probably his most hated one.

If there's one thing humans have in common, it's a collective shudder at our past. Everything from fashion trends to pop culture eventually becomes much harder to appreciate and much easier to mock.

What separates the vast majority of people from Hollywood actors, however, is that our past can remain well hidden, and theirs is carefully archived for the whole world to see. That's why it's hard to blame the casts of iconic TV shows and movies from the 2000s for having a slight hatred for what they were a part of.

For instance, Robert Pattinson 's hating on the vampire movie series became almost an inside joke between the Edward Cullen actor and all the fans. But he wasn't the only one unhappy with his breakout project. Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart, who portrayed Jacob Black and Bella Swan, shared similar feelings.

Stewart, for example, was very much against setting such unrealistic expectations for so many young girls. She didn't think the script was even remotely good and was willing to turn the role down at the last minute.

“When I read little brief descriptions of the movie, I was like, ‘I don’t want to be part of that.’ I was working on something else, and I didn’t want to have my focus stray. It was like, ‘I don’t wanna be part of this very set unrealistic ideological of love and push it on every little girl because they’re never gonna get that,” she said in an interview with MTV.

Although the actress eventually changed her mind after finding a way to justify Bella for herself, she, like her co-stars, didn't enjoy all the media and fan attention that eventually surrounded them. At least she didn't have to endure as many topless scenes as her co-star Taylor Lautner did.

He mentioned those scenes as his personal least favorite while talking to E! News:

“One, when we film these movies in like horrendous weather conditions and in the books it's always suppose to be cold and gloomy and the sun can never be out so that's not fun. And then the second thing is, I'm always the only person with my shirt off.”

Whatever the reasons, none of the Twilight actors were too happy about taking on this project, but it ended up being their lucky ticket to bigger Hollywood careers. So it must have been worth it in the end.

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