Russell Crowe's Performance In 'Thor 4' Will Be Something Else, According To Chris Hemsworth

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It seems that the veteran actor, known for his impeccable dramatic abilities, decided to show his goofy side in the upcoming MCU blockbuster.

Taika Waititi is no stranger to all things comedic, as his 'Thor 3' certainly proved. He turned the likable but somewhat corny Asgardian into a goofy, stunning and genuinely rewarding protagonist. 'Thor 3' is widely regarded as Marvel's best project in recent years, so Feige's decision to make the next film with the same creative team was a no-brainer. And with a number of new actors joining the MCU, including Christian Bale as Gorr and Russell Crowe as Zeus, fans can't wait to see what Waititi has in store for them.

According to Chris Hemsworth, fans of 'Gladiator' and 'A Beautiful Mind' shouldn't expect another layered performance from the legendary Australian actor who chose to fully reveal his inner silliness for the role of a Greek god.

"I never thought I'd see the day where Russell would appear on screen with hints at 'Gladiator' imagery, yet with a wink –– totally self-deprecating. He didn't hold back. I'm such a fan. I have been since I first started acting. There's such a weight and a seriousness to his performances and to him, as an individual, from afar. But meeting him, he has a great sense of humor and did whatever [director Taika Waititi] asked on set, which was mind-blowing," Hemsworth said in an interview with Disney (via The Direct).

It seems that Crowe's work ethic will never allow him to put his opinion above that of the director, and his great sense of humor will finally be properly demonstrated thanks to one of the funniest directors of our time. However, some fans were somewhat puzzled by Hemsworth's comments, arguing that an actor doing what the director told him to do was not truly mind-blowing.

Others debate the role of Zeus itself, fearing that Crowe's involvement in 'Thor 4' will be limited to just a couple of scenes.

'Thor: Love and Thunder' will arrive to cinemas around U.S. on July 8, 2022.

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